I've been working with JavaScript for over 4 years now. Started off with Meteor using Handlebars but then switched to ReactJS when Meteor opened up it's environemnt to the JavaScript ecosystem. I've deployed Meteor applications to Galaxy, as well as bundled them as plain NodeJS applications and sent them over to AWS. MongoDB is the preffered database I like to work with and I use GraphQL and Meteor's data trackers to interact with it.


Currently I am working on Ruutly where we're changing the way candidates should interact with job postings making them more interactive and collecting data around how well your job postings are performing. We also built Raise Your Flag where people without a post-secondary diploma can learn about career paths that start at an entry level position, but then transition to a more meaningful career.


I like attending meetups in the JS/GraphQL space to chat with awesome peeps and learn. I've spoken at a few meetups in the past (holla at me if you are interested in having me do a talk/conferrence).

I love cars and I frequently watch Doug Demuro's channel on Youtube so I built an SPA to visualize his Doug Score: https://dougscore.netlify.com/ using react-create-app and Google Sheets API.

When I am not in front of my computer, I like going to the gym, playing soccer and snowboarding.